About Tool for Teaching

Tool for Teaching is a curated destination to put all the recourses, how-to guides and information required to become an efficient teacher.

Tool for Teaching site started after facing a personal problem of trying to find a few guides to do something efficiently. There wasn’t a site that offers everything for teachings, and it was a task to learn by constantly searching for the best guides and information required.

This website aims to solve this problem by giving you everything all at one place. It saves a lot of your time which you can spend doing rather than learning.

Founded in 2022

Tool for Teaching came into existence in January 2022. most of the pillar content on the blog was created in the month of Jaunary.

Who’s running it?

My name is Asif, I have been building websites since 2007. And I have been a full time blogger since then. Although I have founded the website Tool for Teaching, most of it’s content is curated by our team.

My job is to do the research for content and get it written by the team, and make the final edit before pressing the publish button.