Things to do before You Get Started with Online Teaching

Online teaching is a great way to supplement your income, and it’s never been easier to teach, especially after the worldwide pandemic where everyone is well equipped with online tools and how to communicate online.

The following are some tips and tools to help you get started.

Find your Edge

This is the most important of all before finding tools and ways to start online teaching. Find out one of your skills or knowledge that has some internet in other people.

And find out what are problems you can solve. That would be your Edge. Here are a few steps you can follow to figure that out.

Review your resume РYour goal is to identify gaps in skillsets or experience that you could use in online teaching. Such as teaching programming languages or computer science topics to kids, your knowledge of setting up a company, small business, or your learning as a project manager, a band member, a painter, or whatever it is.

Do your research. If you’re thinking about teaching online, research what other teachers are doing in the field and the standards. What type of methods they are using, what platforms they have chosen to teach their students, their profile pages, the style of their posts, how their setup is.

Start with Social Media

This suggestion would have been different ten years ago when there was hardly any popular social media that offered so many options for posting online.

Social media is one of the best mediums to reach your target audience because billions of people are actively using social media. You can post text, photos, videos, and different formats.

And it is Free to get started, the online thing you would need, a content strategy, which we will discuss in the next section.

Create Seperate Social Media Profiles

My suggestion would be to get started with social media, create your profiles that are brand-based, or maybe create a separate brand profile if you still want to use your social media accounts for personal communication.

It is advisable to have a business and personal profiles separate to maintain your content to your audience.

Fosuc on getting target followers

Your initial objective should be to gather as many followers as you can, specifically targeted to what you will be teaching in the near future.

Having a target audience matters a lot, both for the success of your online classes and social media algorithms, as it’s the only way to increase engagement on the social media platform you are using. It will result in the broader reach of a similar kind of audience.

Decide the Brand you want to create

There are two directions you can take to pursue online teaching, or any online venture. You can either start with your name or create a brand that is easy to remember, is unique and is available everyhwere on social media.

If you are already a famous personality in a community, because of your previous work, it is better to start with your name. Nothing will stop you to create a team to work with you if you ever want to scale it up.

If it is not the case, you can simply select any brand name, that would be much better, because you would be able to scale it further, or, if you ever want to partner with someone or maybe get acquired by someone. It is something nobody can predict, especially at the very start of an online business, but you need to have a long-term goal and have to take the directions accordingly.

Create content strategy and business model 

You may have chosen to teach people online, but you are running an online business for which you need to have a business model and content strategy.

The majority of the people who use content strategy is to promote their online classes have a follow a freemium business model where you provide some information for free. Then you charge a premium fee for exclusive content, it could be in the form of online glass or pre-recorded content behind a paywall, and that’s precisely what you can do using social media.

You will have to research your area of expertise, and you can find the most asked questions to create content around it and post on your social media profile. The idea here is to give users a taste of what you are capable of teaching them so that they follow. You are the chances would be high they would be interested in your paid content.

While it is a super broad topic that needs a separate post of its own, you can read guides about everything you’ll require in your journey of teaching online. Check other articles on our site, Tool for Teaching.

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