How to Use Your Mobile Phone or Digital Cameras as Webcam

Every laptop you get in the market has a web camera with the poor video quality.

Even my expensive Macbook Pro’s web camera is not up to the mark. It’s 720p, not even full HD, and to get a full HD webcam, I will have to buy the Macbook Pro with M1 Pro or M1 Max chipset, but they are double the price of M1 based MacBook Pro.

Instead of relying on good for nothing web camera of your laptop, you can use your mobile phone or, better, your Digital camera as your webcam to get high-quality video.

How to use your mobile phone as a web camera

If you are not technical, it might sound too much work before we actually are able to use your mobile phone as a web camera. But it has actually really even straight forward.

It is as easy as installing an app on your mobile phone and your computer so that both the devices can communicate with each other.

Here is what you would require

  • A Windows or Mac Laptop
  • An iPhone or an Android Mobile
  • A Lightning or a Type Cable

There are many apps available that are available for Windows and Mac computers as well as in the App store and Play store for iPhone and Android respectively.


Open the website on your mobile and laptop, and then install the desired apps. Once done, connect using the Cable.

Although most of them also offer a wireless connection if both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, I suggest you use a cable for a stable connection and high-quality video.

Here is an explanation video by Think Media

If the mentioned website doesn’t work for you, many other apps are available.

Open iVCam on both your mobile and laptop and install the desired apps.

For some reason, this one does not have an app for Mac, so only PC users will use it.

How to use your DSLR as a web camera

DSLR does not have an Operating System that allows users to install eight applications. The process of using it as a web camera is not as straightforward as using a mobile phone as a web camera.

However, it is a better solution and more like a permanent solution than a mobile phone.

It was quite a task to use a DSLR camera as a webcam in the past. Still, after the pandemic, even the digital camera manufacturers have realised how it will be in the incoming future, so they have also ruled out updates in the form of firmware upgrades to allow their digital cameras to be used as webcams.

Using any action camera as a Webcam

Action cameras like GoPro and Insta360 have upgraded their cameras to be directly used as a webcam. You have to set it as a webcam in the settings area of the action camera, and it is just like plugin play after that.

You have to select the action camera as a webcam in the desired software you will be using, such as Zoo, Google Meet, Skype etc.

Using DSLR as a webcam

The same goes for Canon and Sony digital cameras as well. The sorry camera has upgraded the firmware of their cameras to be used as a webcam, while the Canon cameras already had this capability for a couple of years.

I have a Sony ZV1, which are now used as a webcam and directly record videos for my YouTube channel. And I also have got a Canon 750d that I have been using to record YouTube videos for a while.

Some additional tips

Once you have opted for either of the solutions mentioned in this article above, here are a few things that would also help you improve your video using the web camera.

Have a clutter-free background, which means if you are sitting at a place where the background is messy, like clause on a chair, aur hanging behind the door, random things on the table behind you, make sure you clear them, it would be best to that it’s just a wall behind you.

Also, try differentiating yourself from the background by wearing the opposite colour clothes. For example, if the background is black, try wearing bright colours or if the background is white, try wearing dark clothes to differentiate yourself from the background.

You can also add some RGB lights in the background and set them up in different colours to make your background a little more colourful.

If you are looking some more tips to improve the video quality of the web camera you can check out this article on Tool for Teaching.

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