Here Are 10 Best Online Tools for Teaching

This is a new era of learning where you can reach millions of people from all over the world. This is a list of some of the best online tools for teaching.

1. Google Meet

Google meet is a free tool offered by Google that lets you conduct online classes for over 250 people all at once.

And on top of that, you get product features such as a shared whiteboard where you can draw things that will be shared with all the attendees.

You can use the whiteboard tool to to teach a subject without having to rely on complicated ways of creating videos or animations.

2. Animoto

Some topics require a little more than explaining on a whiteboard. Perhaps an explainer video would be perfect if your new animation.

You don’t need to learn it from scratch since Animoto is a digital tool that will allow you to create animated videos that you can share with your students. It is a free tool with Limited features but more than enough to get your message across.

If you are looking for a professional tool you can subscribe to be a premium plan and create professional quality animation videos.


It’s an excellent tool for any teacher to create a funny and exciting quiz that can be shared with students via a link once it is created.

You can create a live game show, for a simple quiz that automatically shows the results after it is completed. A lot of schools have already been using it.

4. Storybird

Story bird is another interesting online tool for educators and teachers to create exciting stories to make it fun for students to follow along.

It has different options for teachers to create such as picture book, long-form story, comics, poetry etc.

5. Jupiter

Jupiter is one of the best learning platforms where teachers can create a curriculum and students can follow it.

It’s an all in one platform where teachers can give assignments to track the students’ progress by giving them scores according to their performance etc.

A lot of the admin part of it is automated, so you can focus on the teaching rather than having to do all the admin type of work such as collecting assignments from students, sorting them, giving them scores, and then tracking each student’s progress.

All of it is done automatically on Jupiter.

6. Open Liberary

Open Library is an internet archive of books from different subjects and categories.

You can get books on literature, books for kids, several textbooks for different subjects, books written by professors and scholars. It currently has over 400 thousand ebooks listed on the website.

Similarly, other sites such as, and And then there is also, where you can search for any PDF. These resources would be more than enough for a book you’re looking for.

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