Tubebuddy vs VidIQ: Best SEO Chrome Extension for YouTube Creators

YouTube is a top-rated video hosting site for creators of all skill levels. There are videos on YouTube of every imaginable topic, so it is hard to know where to search for content. There are many SEO Chrome extensions specifically designed for YouTube creators that can help with video discovery.

In this article, we will discuss two of the most popular Chrome extensions available to help YouTube creators optimize their YouTube channel.

Why you would want to use these Chrome extensions?

Although Tubebudddy and VidIQ are promoted as SEO tools for YouTube, it is much more than that.


Tubebuddy is the best Chrome extension for YouTube Creators. It includes several features that are designed to help creators optimize their videos for SEO, including keyword research, linking tool, annotation linker, and thumbnail generator.

The Tubebuddy team has been working on this product since 2012 when they launched an early version called TubeBuddy Pro. Since then, it’s become one of our favorite tools for helping content marketers find new ways to grow traffic from YouTube.


VidIQ also has these features along with the ability to publish directly to YouTube without ever leaving the browser. The VidIQ platform is a cloud-based solution that allows you to create, manage and monetize your videos in one place.

TubeBuddy and VidIQ are outstanding and helpful channel management applications, but they differ in many ways. They’ll be compared in this blog post so that you can decide between them.

Key Differences Between TubeBuddy vs VidIQ  

TubeBuddy is available as a Chrome extension, Firefox, and Safari external extensions, while VidIQ extension is available for Chrome extensions.

TubeBuddy provides more detailed data and analytics, whereas VidIQ’s analytics are simpler.

Information Displayed on the Video Page

Good thing about these Chrome extensions is once you have installed them in your browser, it displays relevant information on every YouTube video page. The information card is added on the right-hand side, just above the related videos.

The information displayed by Tubebuddy and VidIQ is pretty much similar. The only difference is how it is presented.

Tubebuddy displays it much simpler, which is also easy to understand. That’s like total views on the channel, total videos on the chamber, tags used in the video, etc.

VidIQ displays the same information displayed by Tubebuddy. It is more graphic-rich. VidIQ also adds CTA buttons to encourage free users to upgrade to Pro plans to view more information.

If you want to use the free version of either form extension, Tubebuddy would be less intrusive than displaying relevant information in a small space.

Pro Plans of Tubebuddy & VidIQ

VidIQ begins at a lower rate of $7.50 per month for its paid subscription plan, whereas TubeBuddy costs $9 per month. And if you have got less than 1000 subscribers, Tubebuddy also gives a 50% discount making the price $4.50.

Another thing I like about Tubebuddy is it gives many opportunities to YouTube creators to get a taste of the Pro plan for free e by completing a certain task. 

For example, you can get the Pro features for three days if you follow Tubidy on Twitter. You get more if you tweet about them. 

Apart from providing SEO and Analytics features, Tubebudy also has automation features in its Pro plan, which can speed up your workflow. It offers more automation tools in its higher plans.

Star Plan, which starts at $19/month and is also their most popular plan, allows you to schedule videos, bulk copy cards, and end screen and also post the video to Facebook from the same page.

In short, Tubebuddy has more features to offer than VidIQ in every plan. Even the basic one.


If we have to conclude which Chrome extension is better, we can put it like this. VidIQ is the core SEO and Analytic tool for YouTube, while Tubebuddy is also an automation tool that will save you time.

Either way, you can use both the services since both are free to get started, and then decide which one deserves your money.

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